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The Great Puerto Rican Migration - Free Essay Example

US history have taken place for many different reasons pertaining to the laws and reasons of the great migrations. Although the immigration of Puerto Ricans isnt nearly as significant as many others, it has made enough of an impact to make it on to the history books. As mentioned by Bill Breisky in Looking for the Promise Land, Compared to historys great population shifts, the Puerto Rican migration to the mainland is not significant. But in America, in this age of immigration quotas, it is a notable phenomenon. The chronicle of the migration is a story of how a partially cooled melting pot is making room for what may be its last great influx from a foreign land. As the time has passed since the first great migration in in the late 1800s, a population of over 5 million Puerto Ricans has formed over all 50 states according to the BEPR. Puerto Rican Immigration to New York in the 1800s was due to an extended period of injustice towards the residents on the island from the Crown in Spain and then later in the 1900s there was mass immigration again to New York due to the economy. Puerto Rico became a colony of Spain in 1508, it remained this way until 1898. In the years that it was a colony of Spain there was no middle class, only a royal class and the majority were poor. The lifestyle of the people was that of a very poor nation, as the crown got richer. This led to revolts and as soon as the United States ceded the Island from Spain in 1898 there was some people that immediately decided to leave. Many of those that wanted to couldnt because they could no afford it. So once Puerto Ricans finally had the right to move to the United States very few of them decided to leave. Although people in the United States attempted to describe Puerto Rico as a glamorous tourist destination, there was a time in the early 1900s that the island suffered a severe economic depression. Poverty was widespread, and very few could afford the expensive trip to the mainland. According to the article in the Library of Congress Immigration in 1910, there were fewer than 2,000 Puerto R icans in the continental U.S., mostly in small enclaves in New York City, and twenty years later, in 1930, there were only 40,000 more. Puerto Rican migration exploded once World War 2 ended. In 1945, only 13,000 Puerto Ricans lived in New York City; but after 1946 there were more than 50,000. That was the breaking point, over the next 10 years more than 25,000 Puerto Ricans started to migrate over each year, topping out in 1953, when more than 69,000 came in just that year. By 1955, there were almost 700,000 Puerto Ricans in the United States and by the mid-1960s, more than a million Puerto Ricans had moved over. From the 40s to the 60s Puerto Ricans viewed the United States as the land of opportunity. The mentality was that they would come to this land where there was a Gold Rush and they would make plenty of money. For some this was certainly the case and they found great success in places such as New York working industrial jobs or in California in the Steel Mill industry. Many found themselves on their way back home to the Island when they realized that they had moved to a culture they didnt understand, to a style of life they did not know to fit into and to an economy that although was rebuilding and booming didnt quite fit the description that they were told when the Industrial Recruiters went to the island to tell the people of these great jobs that were available. As mentioned in Of Immigrants and Migrants, Puerto Rican migrants brought greater social costs because they were entitled to access the American welfare state. In all technicality the movement of Puerto Ricans from the Islan d to the mainland is considered internal migration because Puerto Ricans are born Citizens. They have every major right that someone born in the 50 states has other than voting for congress, unless they move to a state and then they are qualified to vote for congress. This was such a false concept though, to consider Puerto Ricans migrating from the island to the mainland internal migration was far from accurate. They had to make an enormous transition from the Spanish culture to that of a growing developing nation with all sorts of diversity. The first large group of Puerto Rican to move over to the United States found themselves forming communities in cities throughout the country. Some of these cities were Chicago, Philadelphia. However, even though there were Puerto Ricans moving to other parts of the country, since the 1930s, the capital of Puerto Rican culture in the United States was New York City. Although it was far from the Caribbean the ability for Puerto Ricans to use Airplanes to migrate made the move attainable. Puerto Ricans found themselves moving in masses to a specific area of Manhattan, in a neighborhood that eventually was called Spanish Harlem. Most of these men and woman moving over to New York were farm workers in Puerto Rico, yet they had to adapt and so they found themselves getting jobs such as staffing the hospitals, the factories, the hotels, and they soon became a major part of the citys political and cultural life. The migration to the 50 states practically halted in the late 60s and was very slow all throughout the 70s, as a recession led to fewer jobs in large U.S. cities. This caused many of the first generation that moved to the States to start making their return to Puerto Rico. The ones that decided to stay started to run into very common issues for immigrants such as poverty, unemployment, and racial discrimination. As mentioned in the article Immigration, the darker-skinned Puerto Ricans were omitted from jobs and ran into the same issues that most other colored people a that time were running into with housing and education. Another major issue that Puerto Ricans ran into was the language barrier, which at times made it very difficult to find good paying jobs or the ability to go to government agencies and get adequate treatment. Eventually the second generation of U.S mainland born Puerto Ricans came around and new political movements were born as well. This generation of Puerto Ricans started to make the proper moves towards getting granted greater civil rights, such as education and less discrimination in the job market. The most major campaign that this generation brought on was the desire to change the status of Puerto Rico. Finally, the day came in a 1951 referendum, the Puerto Rican population voted and with overwhelming results the island became a U.S. commonwealth as they would rather that over remaining a colony. This was not enough for many Puerto Ricans and groups formed that called for full independence. This led to militant nationalists going as far as firing weapons on the U.S. House of Representatives as they attempted to assassinate President Harry Truman. There were also groups that form to create awareness for the people that remained on the island, which continued to struggle economically. All these tremendous efforts by the first and second generation of Immigrants from Puerto Rico carved the way for the rest of those that decided to keep moving into the 90s and 2000s. There are plenty of institutions such as churches, community centers, schools and businesses built by Puerto Ricans all throughout the country. The Puerto Rican parade is the largest parade for any cultural or ethnical group. Times were tough for many that came looking for opportunity in the United States in the early 1900s, as would be expected for any immigrant or internal migrant. Its never an easy task to leave the comfort of your native city or state so much less would it be an easy task to leave the comfort of your native country and culture and must fully immerse yourself into an entirely new one. Now the new generation all the way into the Milleniums get to enjoy a very normal American life and the immigration efforts of all their Grandparents and Great Grandparents have created a significant po pulation of Puerto Ricans in the USA that has become significant enough to sway elections and become a significant group to keep on your political side in states like Florida and New York according to the article Puerto Ricans in the United States, by the Oxford Research Encyclopedias. This has been a long time coming, many efforts initially came from those that were just trying to find a better life, then came the groups that simply wanted a change of scenery with a mix of those that really needed to find a better life and eventually left us with the generations that are living a very normal life from the day they are born without even having any recognition of why or how they ended up where they are.

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Essay Topics for the Illiad College - How to Find the Best Ones!

<h1>Essay Topics for the Illiad College - How to Find the Best Ones!</h1><p>The Illiad College article points give understudies a superb chance to exceed expectations in their scholastic undertakings. These articles are tied in with utilizing your inventive and sensible aptitudes to create clear, compact papers that will be acknowledged by your school or college. It is a preferred position to expound on these themes since it causes you to meet your goals.</p><p></p><p>First of all, you need to choose what type obviously you need to take, and afterward figure out what kind of work you will do while you are considering. A few people simply need to concentrate hard and get a high evaluation on their assignments, however a few people need to accomplish progressively, for example, educating, acting in a play, or in any event, accomplishing charitable effort. Consequently, these exposition subjects for the Illiad College courses are about the kind of things you will do while you are taking your classes.</p><p></p><p>Second, you have to decide whether you will compose for a class venture. This is significant on the grounds that they can assist you with deciding whether you will require a teacher's assistance when you start. In the event that you are as of now going to have the option to compose without depending on another person, at that point you should definitely know whether you will require a teacher's help.</p><p></p><p>Then, you have to ensure that the Illiad College exposition subjects that you decide to suit your character and style. On the off chance that you experience difficulty with accentuation, you should consider including the paper point alternatives that utilization expanded accentuation. There are likewise article subjects that utilization standard, boldface letters in a textual style that will stand apart on the page.</p><p></p><p>Then, these paper themes ought to be anything but difficult to peruse. You would prefer not to exhaust yourself on a troublesome subject since you will wind up making your article dull. It is greatly improved to pick article subjects that permit you to unwind and peruse them as a recreation movement, rather than dealing with them for long hours.</p><p></p><p>Lastly, you ought to pick the Illiad College paper points that are identified with the subject of your group. For instance, on the off chance that you were taking General Science at the Illiad College, you could pick points about water, hydrology, or meteorology. A portion of these courses offer wide extending themes, while others are progressively explicit to the subject of the class.</p><p></p><p>Students must gander at each Illiad College exposition points cautiously before they decide to present their own paper. It would be simpler for them on the off chance that they simply go on t he web and take a gander at the various expositions different understudies have composed. Be that as it may, this isn't the best method to pick the suitable article themes for you.</p><p></p><p>Now that you have a superior thought of how you can pick the proper paper subjects for your Illiad College classes, you will have the option to begin right away. Soon you get the entirety of your assignments completed, and you will feel progressively loose about your activity. Great luck!</p>

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What You Can Do About Research Topic Outline Beginning in the Next Three Minutes

What You Can Do About Research Topic Outline Beginning in the Next Three Minutes Regardless of what research paper outline you're considering, you will want to think about just how your research is going to be backed up. After reading the thesis, there ought to be no doubt precisely what the research will be about. If you'll be conducting your own research, including through a survey or a scientific experiment, you will have to outline the precise process that you want to use. Conducting a research isn't any doubt an elaborate affair and with all these tasks to do, it's not uncommon to drop consistency if there isn't any outline. Don't forget that the primary intention of the research paper is to clearly show your abilities to work on your own and demonstrate the reach of your knowledge on several topics. These steps outline a straightforward and beneficial strategy for writing a research paper. Whether you do a very simple research or a complicated one for a larger project, a research outline can help you have the best outcomes. In order to start outlining the research paper, determine why you're researching the subject. Outline could be final or draft. Completing an MLA outline will guarantee your research paper format is accurate. The debut of the research paper outline should have a thesis or hypothesis that illustrates the claim the paper is attempting to prove. The research paper outline draft helps make sure that the student is prepared for his task. To simplify, utilize the next diagram whenever you have to work on a research paper. It's important to see your abstract should sum up the full research paper. You could also see chapter outline. An excellent outline has become the most significant step in writing an excellent paper. A comprehensive outline makes it a whole lot simpler and faster to finish the last draft of your paper. By studying various outline samples, you're guaranteed to come up with the ideal research paper outline in almost no time. Research Topic Outline Help! Even before starting working on your outline, and as soon as you start analyzing the prompt and brainstorming, you need to have started thinking regarding the aspects that ought to be highlighted, or so the work would be engaging for readers. Bear in mind, you're not setting out to conduct research so as to prove a point. The very first step of writing is the research practice. In the event you need assistance with research paper outline or some help with academic writing, don't hesitate to use our expert services. Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Research Topic Outline An outline will allow you to o rganize your principal suggestions and determine the order in which you're likely to write about them. A well-made outline is crucial in locating considerable info and keeping track of considerable amounts of information from a research paper. An alphanumeric outline comprises a prefix at the start of each topic for a reference aid. It uses four types of characters to represent different parts of your paragraph. Things You Should Know About Research Topic Outline You might also see course outline. You might also see speech outline. You can also see program outline. At length, there's the complete sentence outline. New Step by Step Roadmap for Research Topic Outline Know how your essay is going to be evaluated. Writing an outline is a rather effective means to think through how you'll organize and present the info in your essay. Most academic essay topics usually ask you to select a side in an argument or maybe to defend a specific side against criticism. Not all researc h paper topics are made equal, and you would like to be sure you pick a good topic before you commence writing.

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Sociology Is The Study Of Society And All Its Multi Facet...

Sociology is the study of society and all its multi facet’s and components. It encompasses defining elements such as culture, economics, geographic, health, education, gender and sexuality, environment and family. Sociology looks at the way humans function within society and their own smaller groupings. If similar issues are occurring for more than one person within a community, it becomes a social issue rather than an individual issue. It looks at the diversity in behaviour and environment around different groups of people and looks for patterns and social issues that may influence outcomes to situations. People tend to fit into social structure’s which can be defined as a class. Class is the term used to describe the varying social groupings that people belong to for different reasons but usually based on their economic earnings. Class structure highlights the social inequality that occurs all around us on a daily basis. Although socio economic status is usual ly the defining point of class, there is also a social worthiness that is attached to this. Those on a lower income such as the working class may struggle to be able to afford certain aspects of living such as good wholesome foods, access to healthcare and affordability of private schooling. They will tend to have lower paying jobs due to lack of access to education or different values systems around education. They may be manual labourers and they will usually be looked down on. The working class tendShow MoreRelatedHealthy Choices for Better Living Essay1588 Words   |  7 PagesDoes the media truly influence and play and key role in childhood obesity? Can we hold the media responsible for our food purchases and meals that we as a society choose to provide our children? Certainly there are a multitude of influences in the media and yes, they are geared toward our children. Commercials ran during children’s programming appeal to our youth with catchy jingles, bright co lors and actors promoting these products that portray popular characters on our children’s favorite showsRead MoreGlobalization Is A Very Complex Phenomenon2152 Words   |  9 Pagesbest practice management. However, according to heterogeneous models of the firm, advantages are likely to be available to most productive, while the least productive most likely to be vulnerable to disadvantages (David, Joakim Richard, 2008). The multi-dimensional impact and nature of globalisation is perceived as a system of outputs and inputs. However, the inputs are the international agreements that are reached in order to bring down the international trade barriers and to ensure the free movementRead MoreManaging Non Profit Organisations7701 Words   |  31 PagesManaging non-profit organisations: Towards a new approach Civil Society Working Paper 1 Helmut K. Anheier January 2000 Abstract This paper puts forth the thesis that the management of non-profit organisations is often ill understood because we proceed from the wrong assumptions about how these organisations operate. Based on this premise, this paper develops a model of the non-profit form as a conglomerate of multiple organisations with multiple bottom lines that demand a variety ofRead MoreThe Effects Of Digital Identification : An Analysis Of Virtual Surrogacy3268 Words   |  14 Pagessectors that could face multi-dimensional changes, People can overcome various social stigmas that stems from actual human confrontation. But then, what may be considered as advantageous to many could also me titled as a disadvantage by many more. A majority of the section of people which is technologically illiterate will be completely cut off in this new ecological society. The Internet will have prime power and control over everything (this doesn t sound good). All this will still take a whileRead MoreSustainable Supply Chain13609 Words   |  55 PagesThe current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at IJPDLM 38,5 A framework of sustainable supply chain management: moving toward new theory Craig R. Carter and Dale S. Rogers University of Nevada, College of Business Administration, Reno, Nevada, USA Abstract Purpose – The authors perform a large-scale literature review and use conceptual theory building to introduce the concept of sustainability to the ï ¬ eld of supply chain managementRead MoreEssay on Community Policing3379 Words   |  14 Pagessheriff) maintained order in their respective jurisdictions (Champion 22). England’s use of policing became well known. Many other regions soon adopted England’s standards. American colonist continued the English system of law enforcement and the study of law. In addition to reeves, constables were used for maintaining law and order in colonial communities. The duties of constables included collecting fees for highway usage, collecting taxes, and presiding over minor legal issues. The positionRead MoreLiterature Review on Consumer Behaviour16053 Words   |  65 Pagesdevelop a framework for the study consumer behaviour it is helpful to begin by considering the evolution of the field of consumer research and the d ifferent paradigms of thought that have influenced the discipline. As described in this article, a set of dimensions can be identified in the literature, which can be used to characterize and differentiate, the various perspectives on consumer research. It is argued that consumer behaviour itself emerged as a distinct field of study during the 1960s; and isRead MoreMeasuring Consumers’ Luxury Value Perception: a Cross-Cultural Framework13193 Words   |  53 Pagesdifferent evaluations with regard to the sub-dimensions. Furthermore, this differentiated perception of luxury value may be dependent on the cultural context and the people concerned. Following a comprehensive understanding of the luxury construct, all relevant current and potential value sources of the consumers‘ luxury perception should be integrated into one single model. A customer‘s luxury value perception and the motives for luxury brand consumption are not simply tied to a set of social aspectsRea d MoreThe Wrong Body Essay4944 Words   |  20 PagesThe manifestation of being â€Å"trapped in the wrong body† is a well-documented component of the transgender narrative that summarizes the psychosocial stress of the experiences of many transgender people (e.g., Mason-Schrock 1996; Prosser, 1998). ‘Wrong body’ is employed accordingly to elucidate how an individual’s biological sex and body do not match his or her gender identity, a â€Å"person’s basic sense of being male, female, or of indeterminate sex† (American Psychological Association [APA], 2009Read MoreRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 PagesOxford is a registered trade mark of Oxford University Press in the UK and in certain other countries Copyright  © 2003 by Ennis Barrington Edmonds The moral rights of the authors have been asserted Database right Oxford University Press (maker) All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission in writing of Oxford University Press, or as expressly permitted by law, or under

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Bean Germination and Saline free essay sample

This study was to observe the effects of increased saline (NaCl) concentrations in relation to the germination of P. vulgaris seeds. The hypothesis is that with each increase in saline concentration there will be less root development. Why do higher concentrations of saline inhibit germination? What does the higher concentrations of saline do to the P. vulgaris seed? Are seeds tolerant to higher concentrations of saline? â€Å"All soil contains salts, many of which are essential nutrients for plants. Salinity occurs when soluble salts (usually NaCl) are elevated in soil and water. Every continent is affected by salinized soil and water; approximately 7% of the world’s land area. † (Nerissa Hannink, 2005). â€Å"But why should we care about how a plant copes with excess salt? Once inside the cell, salt can cause ionic stresses, largely as Na+ (and Cl-) inhibit metabolic processes including protein synthesis. Na+ can rise to toxic levels in older leaves causing them to die. We will write a custom essay sample on Bean Germination and Saline or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page † (Dr. R. Munns, 2001) Since there is salt found in the soil naturally, and higher levels will cause ionic stress; what levels are considered to inhibit growth? Salt tolerance is defined when plants show little growth reduction at concentrations of 300mM NaCl or more. (M. Tester and R. Davenport, 2003) â€Å"Seedlings are the most vulnerable stage in the life cycle of plants and germination determines when and where seedling growth begins. † (A. Lianes, H. Reinoso, V. Luna, 2005). â€Å"There are contradictory reports in the literature as to the relative sensitivity of germination and seedling growth to salt stresses. According to Munns, salt stress decreases growth in most plants, including halophytes. † (R.Munns, 2002) â€Å"Salinity can affect germination of seeds either by creating osmotic potential which prevent water uptake, or by toxic effects of ions on embryo viability. † (A. Lianes, H. Reinoso, V. Luna, 2005). â€Å"Shoot growth was reduced by salinity due to the inhibitory effect of salt on cell division and enlargement in the growing point. (K. Mccue and A. Hanson, 1990) In results from M. Kaymakanova (2009) it was that show that; â€Å"Specific ionic effects were evident as different responses were obtained with different salt treatments at iso-molar concentrations. There should have been a higher root and shoot development of the P. vulgaris seeds in the 0%, 0. 025%, 0. 05%, and the 0. 1% saline solutions. Only the 0. 5% saline solution has shown any significant results. As shown in previous research higher concentrations of saline does in fact inhibit germination. It does so by retarding the roots so that they cannot take in water and minerals from the soil. In a similar experiment done with monk beans; all beans in a saline of 0. 50% or less germinated roots in five days. In a saline solution greater than 0. 0% the beans split and had little or no germination at all. (ABC Science, 2006) From this and other data the skewed results can only be from experimenter error. There should not have been greater germination in the P. vulgaris beans in the 0%, 0. 025%, 0. 05%, and the 0. 1% saline solutions. There was only minimal germination in the 0. 025% with only a 30% root growth; and in the 0. 5% with only 70% root growth. Possibly repeating the experiment several time would have given better results in the groups that showed no signs of germination. It is also possible that there was experimenter error in placing the wrong solutions or miss labeling the bags. Repeating the experiment at least three times with larger groups of beans would give better results.

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William D. Ruckelshaus and the EPA

Introduction The case under discussion, William R. Ruckelshaus and Environment Protection Agency, is really important as it raises the problems of government and management, leadership and decision making in the organization.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on William D. Ruckelshaus and the EPA specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Environment Protection Agency (EPA) under Anne McGill Burford’s ruling was convicted of perjury. The image and the work of the whole organization became so bad, that the employees were ashamed of the place they worked at. Sarcasm at the direction of the company director was too much. William Ruckelshaus, the first administrator of EPA, was invited to his previous positions to organize the work in the department and raise the prestige of the organization. The problems stated in the case study are really relevant as much attention is paid to the organization of work of human resources, le adership and decision making. The incorrect organization in one of those issues lead to the problems the company faced (Lipshitz Mann, 2005). Moreover, being the part of the government, the lack of public value could lead to the distrust to the whole government. Background The main idea of the case is to represent the activities which may be taken in the image recovering direction. William Ruckelshaus was invited for the temporary position in the EPA. The organization was ruined even inside as the employees of the organization were ashamed of the fact that they worked in the EPA, without mentioning about the public attitude. The previous administrator has created a bad image of the organization and a new one faced a lot of different issues, like: (1) there were too many vacancies which had to be fulfilled, (2) ruining of a block on legislative priorities about giving the companies more authority about pollution control installation, (3) encourage all the companies to clean up pollu tion they cause, (4) meet the international standards about the emissions which cause acid rain, (5) settle financial regulations with the government, (6) some political issues had to be solved. Linkage of the case to Public Administration issues The case under discussion is closely connected with the public administration and the issues it has to solve. It underlines the specific issues the government arises when makes legal regulations and enforces them. Before getting down to the discussion of the issues the case refers to within the public administration responsibilities, it is important to state what a public administration is. Public administration may be considered as â€Å"all processes, organizations, and individuals associated with carrying out laws and other rules adopted or issued by legislature, executives and courts† (Milakovich Gordon, 2008, p. 11).Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper wit h 15% OFF Learn More The case refers to the court procedures where the organizations should be given more power devoted to making decisions about when the expensive pollution controls should be installed. Moreover, the international regulations should be settled which are usually considered by public administration. Public administration executes the law (Beckett Koenig, 2005) and the main issues Ruckelshaus has to face in the study are to follow the law and execute its demands. Furthermore, public administration presupposes work with people, their organization and following. Ruckelshaus has created specific rules which have to be followed by the employees. He may be considered as the administrator who has implemented the way and waits when people are going to subject to it. To make proper decisions, to direct necessary people to the appropriate direction and to make them follow those rules are the main executive responsibilities a new administrator had to bear. Willliam D .Ruckelshaus and the EPA case study Was there a difference between Ruckelshaus’s external environment and that of business executive? The external environmental Ruckelshaus had to exist in was rather aggressive and negatively prejudiced. Ruckelshaus was surrounded by different organizations which expected from him specific actions. He had tried to make all possible to meet the expectations of the organizations and society. So, it may be completed that there was no difference between the external environment and the business executives provided by the administrator. He did all possible to meet the requirements of the congress and to appease congressional critics, he provided consultations with citizens to increase their participation in the environmental affairs and to make them understand that the EPA has the only goal, to restore its image and make all possible to return human trust. One of the first actions Ruckelshaus did was the revision of the policies and legislative do cuments used by the EPA. This action was directed at the consideration of the standards the organization followed and checking whether these standards were met. The reports devoted to this information helped structure the future work, organize the relationships with the department and other organizations which expected some actions from the EPA. Thus, internally, Ruckelshaus provide the actions which were aimed at restoring the industry, organize a proper work of human resources and to establish relations with the departments in the government which are useful for the successful organization function. In the relation to the external environment, the same actions have been provided but on the other level. Everybody expected actions and changes from a new appointment, and Ruckelshaus justified the expectations of the whole society. Ruckelshaus’s eight â€Å"rules of thumb† Turning to the discussion of eight â€Å"rules of thumb† Ruckelshaus has used as the recover y strategy, the following logic basis may be considered. To improve the public opinion about the organization and the restore its positive image, Ruckelshaus pays much attention to what the employees say to people about the organization, even to the colleagues.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on William D. Ruckelshaus and the EPA specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Much attention is paid to the government and the leadership in particular. People should have someone who they can respect and follow. To solve the legislation and political issues, Ruckelshaus uses the strategy of minimizing political miscalculations as these problems may be strong barriers on the way of achieving success. Ruckelshaus has decided to search for people who are not connected to the industry, because he is afraid to facing those who dealt with Anne McGill Burford and continue unfair activities inside the organization. To return organizationsâ €™ good name and positive image, Ruckelshaus had to set new goals of the administration. Having analyzed the changes conducted by Anne in this case, William understood that they were directed not at the improving the impact on the environment, but on making the responsibilities of EPA fewer. The change of the goals and their announcement to the society may help in improving the attitude of the citizens to the organization. Ruckelshaus wants to show people that working on the environmental problems, EPA is unable to solve some of them in a number of reasons. To reduce the prejudiced attitude to the society to EPA, the educational courses are created. To increase the public image and to fill vacant slots, Ruckelshaus tries to address the public policies in the light of the social goals. To minimize the costs in the future, Ruckelshaus uses the research to identify the environmental threats and to assess the risks which may appear in the future. Highly paid business executives and the reasons for a large pay cut When Ruckelshaus was invited to his previous position, he was encouraged to do much work, solve numerous problems are make all possible to return the organization on the previous high position and form positive attitude in society. Even though much and complicated work had to be completed, Ruckelshaus agreed on large a pay cut. Such decision may be explained by a number of reasons. First of all, Ruckelshaus was the first administrator of EPA. It seems that when he saw what was done with the organization which he had created, he could even agree to work for the lowest salary. This was an affair of honor for him to return the EPA to the previous condition. He just liked the job he had done before and he wanted to return to his previous responsibilities. The second reason for agreeing on pay cut was the understanding that too much costs had to be put in the recovery strategies. Ruckelshaus understood that the organization budget may fail to cope with the high costs. Anyway ethical responsibility before the society is the main reasons why such costly word was done for less payment.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Such actions may be also considered as the first step on the way to the company recovery. To show that he works for free might show the society that he was going to be responsible in his actions and decisions, not to his personal benefit but for the benefit of the whole society, environmentally protected. The third reasons might have been the understanding that money is nothing in the comparison with the pleasure he gets from doing the things he likes. It is really important to be satisfied from being a leader, from making the decisions which carry great responsibility but at the same time prove that the experience and knowledge he had got during his life were not spent in vain, and from managing people in such a way that they want to work in the company, that they want to perform the tasks they are assigned to. Conclusion In conclusion, it should be mentioned that Ruckelshaus is a professional. He took a position when the company was almost destroyed, when employees were ashamed th at they worked there, when the standards were not met and the legislative and political problems overwhelmed. Having faced a number of issues and applied specific strategies, the organization had managed to return its image due to the specific â€Å"rules of thumb† which have been dictated by the situation and the problems which had to be solved. I have learnt that leadership and proper decisions making are the main issues for successful business running. The correct human resource management and appropriate goals are also important to meet the society expectations. A wise administrator who can do his/her job in a proper way is a guarantee to the company successful development. Reference List Beckett, J. Koenig, H. O. (2005). Public Administration and Law. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe. Lipshitz, R. Mann, L. (2005). Leadership and Decision Making: William R. Ruckelshaus and the Environmental Protection Agency. Journal of Leadership Organizational Studies, 11(4), 41-53. Milakovic h, M. E. Gordon, G. J. (2008). Public Administration in America. Stamford: Cengage Learning. This essay on William D. Ruckelshaus and the EPA was written and submitted by user Camilla Oliver to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Analyse the method used to make the opening battle sequence of Saving Private Ryan both shocking Essays

Analyse the method used to make the opening battle sequence of Saving Private Ryan both shocking Essays Analyse the method used to make the opening battle sequence of Saving Private Ryan both shocking Paper Analyse the method used to make the opening battle sequence of Saving Private Ryan both shocking Paper Essay Topic: Film The film Saving Private Ryan was first released on September 11th 1998, a joint production from Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures. The film was directed by Steven Spielberg. Some of the other movies directed by Steven Spielberg were: Jaws (1975),Raiders of the Lost Arc(1981), E. T(1982), Jurrrasic Park(1993), Schindlers List (19993), etc. Saving Private Ryan won five academy awards (Oscars) including best director in 1999. Some of the leading actors in the film are Tom Hanks (Captain Miller), Tom Sizemore (Sergeant Horvath) Edward Burns (Private Reiben) Barry Pepper (Private Jackson), Jeremy Davies (private Upham) and Matt Damon (Private Ryan). The film is about saving one of the four brothers that had joined the army and have fought in the war. One mourning the home office receives three letters that three of the brothers had passed away. Due to this the general staff officer of the United States of America gives an order to send a unit of eight soldiers to save the last brother. This was done so that when more than one son joins the army and the rest passes away the brig at least one of them so that they that they could keep the family blood and name going on the film lasts for two hours and fifty minutes . the opening battle sequence lasts for twenty for minutes. Saving Private Ryan is a movie that generates strong responses from most people that see it. I found that each of my subjects would recommend it, not one of the individuals interviewed felt the violence was senseless, and all of them left the movie with a strong emotional response. It appears that Saving Private Ryan is the kind of movie to which many can relate. Saving Private Ryan is not a romantic, feel-good movie, but it is probably one of the best movies released this year. It is without a doubt one of the most realistic films produced. It has different types of entertainment for all kinds of viewers. It has elements of violence, patriotism, sentimentality, and heroism all rolled into one film. Seven Spielberg also uses different angles and camera shots to make the audience feel how the soldiers felt and saw when they were in battle. The first scene is the transition from present to past. At the start of the film we see an old man walking towards the graveyard with some people behind him. The graveyard that we see in the film is situated in Normandy which is a part of France. The name of the graveyard is Colville-Sur-Mer . Then we get a close up on the American flag and the French flag. As the old man walks into the graveyard his eyes begin to shed tears then he kneels in front of a tombstone which has the name John Miller engraved on it. The film starts in the present day and then as we get an close up on James Ryans face the film flashes back to the past which was the Battle grounds of the war at Omaha Beach. This takes us to June 6th 1944 which was D-day. Then he uses a long distance shot so that we the audience could see what is there along Omaha beach. Then we hear the calm sounds of the waves gushing against the hedgehogs and the corps along the long stretch of the beach. This movie is obviously set against the backdrop of World War II, beginning with D-Day and the battle of Omaha Beach. Then in the second scene we see and hear the Higgins crafts approaching the beach through the thick mist. As the boats approach nearer to the beach the commander in charge of each unit of each boat shouts out orders. As the doors role down we see chaos as the German soldiers open fire on the soldiers that are trying to get out. The killing appears to be overdone as the young men step off the transport boats only to be killed one after the other, but when consulting the history of this battle, it is almost exactly how this battle took place. The beaches were indeed covered with bodies, and the water was red with the blood of the slaughtered soldiers. The recreation of this battle by Steven Spielberg has succeeded in bringing this war, this battle in particular, out of the history books and into larger than life on Americas movie screens. The over the soldiers shot makes the audience see from the Germans perspective of how the Germans had a clear advantage. As the U. S soldiers try their hardest to approach the battle field most of their attempts are in vain their. This due to heavy fire from the German soldiers that massacre most of them even before they get out from the boat. As captain Miller attempts to get all his soldiers out of the boat most of them at the front die. Then he orders them to jump from the corner of the boat. Then as the soldiers attempt to swim ashore most of them drown or get shot. The Steven Spielberg use the water to create the sound effect. As the soldiers go under water the sound is muted and as they rise their heads above the water the sound of gun shots reappear. The various amounts of perspectives give this scene an overview of carnage. Camera works are so good that they brings the audience closer to action to see from the Germans perspective and make the audience think that the U. S. mission was hopeless. The third scene is about Captain Millers confusion. In this scene we see that Miller dragging a soldier onto the beach. At this point the dramatic influence kicks in. s he saves the soldiers from downing and brings him onto the beach the soldier gets shot. As he takes cover behind the hedgehog you could see the confusion in his face. He doesnt seem to hear what the soldiers are requesting for. As well as his hands keep shaking through out the film. This shot is in slow-motion to increase the realism. Captain Millers perspective shows the death of the s oldiers on the beach head. The sound hear is muted but the explosions could still be heard vaguely. Then we get a close up on Captain Millers helmet and as he puts it on the blood that was collected from the water starts dripping on his head. The sound then returns and Captain Miller begins to give out orders. The effect that this scene has on the audience is similar to the effects of the last scene as it makes the audience feel apart of the battle field. This scene shows a lot of blood shed, death and horror. The number of people dead is of a violent nature. In scene four of the film it is when the bloody battle ends. In this scene we see Captain Miller sits down and rests on high ground, Sergeant Horvath Says thats quite a view and Captain Miller agrees. Then the vast numbers of dead soldiers are shown along the beach. The first shot is the close up of Captain Millers face and his shaking hands. The camera then zooms in on the captains eyes to show the emotion. This shows the scale of the battlefield, the camera then pans to the left showing one dead soldiers backpack with the name Ryan. S. The sound in the scene is the gentle music in the background. Th music fades out and we hear the sound of waves, these waves sound calm than they were at the beginning of the film battle scene. Its comforting somehow in a strange way. This scene is a relief at the end of the battle because the audience is shocked by the number of dead people. The final shot of Ryans backpack establishes the link between what we have just seen and title plot of the film. In conclusion I would say that the opening battle sequence prepared the audience for a great adventure which was to come ahead, the sequence went into details of the gruesome war and the way the soldiers fought in the battlefield. It is clear that above all else, Private Ryan is intended to create an awareness of the sacrifice of the soldiers that gave their lives during World War II. In doing that, Steven Spielberg very successfully in brings out intense emotions in the spectator. While this movie had a great deal of violence that was sometimes difficult to watch, the sheer sentimentality behind the mission of the soldiers who have to find Private Ryan and bring him back was heart wrenching to say the least. It would take a cold-hearted individual indeed to feel no sorrow for the pain of the mother of Private Ryan when the military officials arrive at her home to tell her that three of her sons have been killed in battle. The way she falls to her knees on the porch and begins sobbing at the sight of the military vehicle is without a doubt a mirror of any mothers reaction to the same situation. Simply said, the moviegoer feels her pain. Even the hard-core attitude of the soldiers during the capture of the German soldier that has just shot their friend, the medic, brings on conflicting emotions. The German, while digging graves for the dead American soldiers, pleads for his life, insults Hitler, and praises America all in one desperate breath. The viewer also feels a reluctant sense of pride in the young translators sense of right as he repeatedly tells his fellow soldiers that to kill this man after his surrender would not be right. Saving Private Ryan could arguably be called one of the most bloody movies ever produced. But it is not a pointless violence as is the case in horror movies that people go see everyday. It is true that the violence in this movie is meant to shock, but is also meant to educate, and to make the viewer appreciate the patriotism of all the American soldiers that have died to protect the United States of America from madmen like Adolph Hitler. Steven Spielberg has chosen a different angle in the making of this movie than is normally taken. He chose not to portray the crimes against the Jews, but rather to applaud the brave efforts of the soldiers that essentially won the war and destroyed the Nazi government. He reminds every American that many men have died protecting the rights that they often take for granted every day. Saving Private Ryan is a movie that should make every American realize that Memorial Day is more than a day off. Steven Spielberg used the newsreel camera technique to make the scene come to life and so that the audience could really feel that they are a part of what is going on. The special effects in the scenes made everything seem real, this could be seen when the bobs go off and the soldiers lose their limbs you could see them flying around in air. A range of computer graphics were used to make the atmosphere look effective on screen and the computer graphics were used to show the soldier with their arm or half the body missing. I think that Steven Spielberg succeeded in putting chaos up on screen because he used the elements of film making which were never see before seen on screen. He used sound and camera work to make the film look as realistic as possible. I thought that the film was directed really well as a whole but the opening battle sequence had an enormous effect on the audience as it prepared them for what was coming next.